Let's Get Serious About Practice Ownership

At DPH, we believe in the transformative power of dental practice ownership.  Join us and reject the notion that dentistry is a profession filled with dissatisfaction and instead see it as your golden ticket to achieving early financial freedom.  


Allow my Leadership Team and I to help you navigate the challenges within your practice, 

revealing a path that allows you to love and appreciate your dental practice, freeing you from the feeling of being bound by the “golden handcuffs” that plagues so many dental owners. 


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Financial Freedom Through Profitable Practice Ownership

Everything you need to run a profitable and stress free practice is here!  You just follow our EXCLUSIVE PROVEN  SYSTEM.


Discover The Proven System that Transforms your Dental Practice

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You’ve been burning the candle at both ends. You’re frustrated. You’re tired. You’re trying to balance your home life all while running a successful dental practice, yet you’re still finding yourself trapped in an endless cycle of:

  • feeling occasional or frequent burn out, stress, or overwhelm by things at the practice.
  • frustration as you spend too much time and energy on the practice, and not enough on the people or things you love. 
  • giving 100% of your attention to the practice, all to still have ungrateful employees and patients, and feeling cynical that anything could ever change.
  • or maybe you are simply ready to grow your practice in the fastest way possible so you can have the freedom to whatever you love to do!

I’ve been there. Now, I’m here to show you there’s a better way. If you’ve tried coaching or consulting in the past and still feel like something about practice ownership is missing, please allow me to present you something NEW and COMPLETELY different.

In my experience, most dental coaching or consulting programs lack two major elements that are critical to the success of the programs:

  1. The Coach/Consultant lacks the personal experience of achieving what you are aiming to achieve.
  2. The programs lack the involvement of your team in creating the structure and systems that get everyone on the team excited and moving towards the common goals.

I knew there had to be a better solution. So, I created one based on the hard-earned lessons I’ve gained since opening my own private dental practice in 2012.

I’ve been there. I’ve been burnt out, stressed, and hating my life each day I walked through the doors of my practice. I thought I could do it all at the practice. I tried to be the leader, the clinician, the manager, the entrepreneur, the trainer, and the cheerleader all at the same time. As my practice grew, the stress grew along with it. One night after a long day of dealing with patients, complaints from my team, and staying afterhours to get the payroll completed on time, I decided I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing. I had an epiphany. I had been doing it all wrong.

It wasn’t my team or my patients, it was me. I was the bottleneck. I was the limiting factor. I knew my team was smart, but I wasn’t utilizing them properly to help me run my practice. I decided it was time to try something different. That’s when my life began to change. This is what I want for you!

With the insights in my exclusive consulting program, you can transform your current practice into a well-oiled machine that allows you the freedom to:

  • Feel excited about your time at the practice, and start practicing only the way you enjoy.
  • Find time for your family, loved ones, and out-of-office hobbies.
  • Experience total financial security without the stress of a 40 hour work week.
  • Create a practice that effectively runs itself, so you can show up and focus solely on being the best clinician to your patients, cut back your patient care and focus on managing the business entirely, or simply stay away from the practice, and let it make money for you while you do the other things you enjoy!

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Hi, I'm Dr. Paul Etchison 

Having grown my own startup to a over $6M annual revenue, I began coaching other dentists in 2019.  Since then, I've gained the experience and methods to guide dentists just like you to reach the exact same levels of success through my proven strategies and team oriented coaching approach.

Picture this: a meticulously crafted system that not only identifies but annihilates the biggest obstacle in your practice—The leadership bottleneck.  Recognizing this pivotal challenge, I've devised a custom program that seamlessly integrate your team with mine, ensuring the execution of everything essential for an extraordinary practice.  

You get to show up each day, and feel good about the changes you see happening for your team and your patients, and all the while experiencing only a fraction of the previous stress you had before. 

Why navigate the complexities of success the hard way when you can follow a proven blueprint? With my team-driven, systematized approach to practice management, you're not just adopting strategies; you're embracing a surefire path to the practice of your dreams. Don't reinvent the wheel—just follow the steps and witness the remarkable transformation of your practice into something truly exceptional!


"Within a year of working with Paul, we went from a 1 doctor practice working 4 days per week,  collecting $1.2 million to a 2 doctor, 14 team member practice seeing over 60 new patients per month and on track to collect over $3 million this year all while I was working 3 days per week."

- Dr. Ryan Bradley

"In approximately one year, I have seen consistent growth of over 50% in collections, and even after working with Paul, we have continued to grow at a rate of over 30% in collections on the year."

- Dr. Chase Kelly

"Since working with Paul, I was able to cut back on my days, add an associate, and enter a new chapter of practice ownership that I wake up each day excited to get after." 

- Dr. Greg Hopkinson, IN

"From HR to scheduling to step-by-step clinical advice on specific cases – Paul gave me real-world, effective tactics to push my single Doc practice well past seven figures"

- Dr. Trent Paffenroth

"I was looking to grow my practice and cut back my days. Paul helped me with the mindset of not having to work more to make more money and have a successful business. If you are looking to amp up your practice while reducing your hours, I highly recommend Paul as a mentor."

- Dr. David Lawrence, OK


Take control of your Practice and Financial Future with these Comprehensive Courses and Programs.


No matter what level of practice you are at, we have a program perfect for you!

To grow an amazing practice to levels unthinkable, you need a coach.  We have done it time and time again!


LEADERSHIP, CULTURE, AND PEOPLE MANAGEMENT (for Doctors and any Leader at the Practice)

Say goodbye to turnover, bad morale, and stress. Learn the skills to effectively manage and lead your team.  



Front Desk training that gets the appointment scheduled, creates value, and gets them off the phone so they can get back to what they were doing or take another call. 



Everything your team needs to know to understand brands and how their actions affect everything from the patient saying YES to getting more referrals.  



Increase your production 30-60% overnight!  A time tested proven system to increase productivity, eliminate stress, and create consistent, smooth, high profit days.