$4995 + 10 Monthly Payments of $2,495 ($29,945 Total)

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1. Coaching Services. The Client hereby employs the Coach, as an Independent Contractor, to provide coaching services with certain limited hours of availability and in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement: phone, email and messaging access.

It is the responsibility of the client to schedule any phone communication in advance with the coach as the coach’s schedule permits. In the case that the client does not set up their phone call during any month, no refunds or credits will be issued. I recommend that the client book their next call well in advance as my schedule fills quickly and changes often. No future calls will be completed unless client is up to date and there are no open invoices.

Included in your coaching agreement is one 40-50 minutes coaching calls/month with Dr. Etchison for 7 Months. Also included are Four 30-60 minutes phone calls/month with each of Dr. Etchison's leads for 6 months (24 total calls).

2. Term of Agreement. This agreement will begin date above and will continue for 12 months. Access to training materials will expire after 12 months. Included is a 30 day money back guarantee from the signing date of this contract. After that date, no refunds will be issued.

3. Payment to Coach. The Coach will be paid a monthly recurring fee charged monthly from todays date for 12 months.

4. Independent Contractor. Both the Client and the Coach agree that the Coach will act as an independent contractor in the performance of its duties under this contract.

5. Confidential Information. The Coach agrees that any information received by the Coach which concerns the intellectual property, personal, financial or other affairs of the Client will be treated by the Coach in full confidence.

6. Entire Agreement. This Agreement constitutes this entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, whether written or oral, relating to the subject matter of this Agreement.

7. Disclaimers. Coach is not a financial advisor, investment advisor, lawyer, accountant, counselor, therapist etc. The services provided by Coach are not to be interpreted as legal advice. Any recommendations made by coach are just that, recommendations. Client assumes all risk and liability that may stem from actions performed by client.


8. Indemnification of Coach. Client shall indemnify, defend and hold Coach harmless from and against any and all third party claims, liability, suits, losses, damages and judgments, joint or several, and shall pay all costs and expenses (including counsel’s fees and expenses) as they are incurred in connection with the investigation of, preparation for or defense of any pending or threatened claim or any action or proceeding arising there from, that Coach incurs as a result of having performed services on behalf of Client.


One on One OmniPractice 7 Phase Total Team Success Program

Take the First Step to Change your Life and your Practice!

Here are just a few of the modules included in this course:

  • Leadership and Management Training for Doctor and Leads

  • DPH New Patient Booster System

  • Phone Skills training with 30+ REAL sample calls from various offices to allow your team to learn from what not to do, as well as videos on how to do it well!

  • A Robust Case Presentation specifically tailored to Doctors and Hygienists.

  • A Treatment Coordination and Case Presentation Module Tailored for Front Desk Members

  • A whole team patient experience module to systematize how you move the patients through the office and create a magical 5 star patient experience, EVERY TIME!

  • Multiple and Slowly released implementation and learning modules to transform your scheduling to DPH Block scheduling, guaranteed to help you grow and increase revenue more than 30% each day.

  • Verbal skills for the entire team

  • Collection Protocol Training Modules to have pristine collections and get your team pre-collecting to schedule (if you desire to)! 

  • Systems for perfecting Insurance Verification and entry into the PMS so that treatment plans presented are correct, and you aren't chasing balances from angry and upset patients!

  • DPH Hygiene Adjunct increaser, to get your Hygiene team selling more adult fluoride, sealants, and laser procedures. 

  • Dr. Etchison's full Team Onboarding library and documents used at Nelson Ridge Family Dental

  • AND THAT'S NOT ALL!  Everything you will ever need to ensure success is here!


[ Coaching Program runs for 7 months, but materials will be available for a full year! ]