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The DPH Hero Collective
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Not only do you get access to the masterclasses for you and your team, you become part of a mastermind of practice owners all with the shared focus of experiencing the absolute best that practice ownership has to offer.  Through being intentional about how we run and structure our systems, we are able to enjoy more profit in less time, empower our teams and delegate responsibility allowing us to live our very best lives doing whatever we love. 


-DPH Hero Collective Mastermind

  • Engage with other Heroes building their empires!
  • Get help with any issues or problems.¬†
  • Community App
  • Weekly Content and Challenges
  • Free Webinars
  • Live Q and A's with DPH Coaches

-LIVE Interactive Sessions

  • Monthly Webinars from the DPH Team
  • Group Coaching Calls with DPH Coaches
  • Live Guest Presentations
  • Ask me Anything Sessions
  • Recordings of Past Sessions

-Access to all

  • FD Boot Camp¬†($1995 Value)
  • RDH Boot Camp¬†($1995 Value)
  • Phone Training¬†($995 Value)
  • Leadership¬†($995 Value)
  • Culture¬†($995 Value)
  • How to Manage¬†($995 Value)
  • Case Acceptance¬†($995 Value)
  • Tx Coordinator¬†($995 Value)
  • Verbal Skills¬†($995 Value)
  • Pt. Experience¬†($995 Value)
  • Cancellation¬†Reduction¬†($995 Value)
  • Block Scheduling¬†($995 Value)
  • Onboarding Series¬†($995 Value)


  • Documents to edit and use with your team at your practice to document and solidify your systems.¬†



Other ways to engage with us...

Not ready to join the DPH  Hero Collective?
We offer more intensive one on one coaching as well as a la carte programs. 

Free Masterclass Lesson's Click Here

Click here for 20 Free Lessons, Dr. Etchison's Brand Book, and The Big Book of Dental Analogies.


All of our programs encompass the following values:

Clarity: Seeking clarity in roles, expectations, and communication to minimize misunderstandings and promote smooth operations. 

Empowerment: Empowering team members to take ownership of their roles, contribute ideas and solutions, and make decisions that benefit the practice. 

Adaptability: Being adaptable and open to change.  Dedication to constant improvement.

Patient-Centeredness:  Prioritizing patient satisfaction, comf0rt, and well-being in all aspects of practice operations and interactions. 

Efficiency:  Stiving for streamlined processes and workflows to maximize productivity and minimize waste of time and resources. 

Reliability: Fostering reliability and consistency in fulfilling responsibilities, meeting deadliness, and delivery quality service to patients. 

Growth Mindset:  Cultivating a growth mindset among team members and practice ownership, embracing challenges as opportunities for learning and improvement. 

Balance: Striving for a balance between work and personal life, promoting well-being, fulfillment, and sustainability for practice owners and team members. 

You‚Äôre not alone, most owners never get ‚Äúabove the noise‚ÄĚ of running their practices.

That’s where DPH's Signature Programs come in.

What are you waiting for?  The Practice you Deserve is ready for you!

It's time for a new you! Who wouldn't want more time away from work and less stress?  We will teach you and your team EXACTLY how to make it happen!