One on One Coaching Opportunities 

Coaching includes access to the DPH Hero Collective and All Masterclasses. 

  • Nothing allows you to skip the line faster than working one on one with one of our experienced coaching that has reached at least $5M in collections and managed at least 30+ team members. ¬†We don't teach anything we haven't personally accomplished.¬†
  • Work on a customized program at your pace, holding you accountable to the changes you commit to, and helping you discover and challenge the blocks you are experiencing.¬†
  • ¬†Whatever goal you are trying to achieve, we are here to guide, support, and teach you.¬† Follow the steps and get the results!

Not sure?  Join the DPH Hero Collective and Engage with our coaches during the weekly sessions. 


Dr. Paul Etchison

Looking for someone with experience growing a large group practice, cutting down and focusing their clinical days on limited procedures, and managing a large team?   Work directly with Dr. Etchison and guarantee yourself the results. In this Program, you will have monthly Coaching Sessions with Dr. Etchison to create action plans, discuss and problem solve issues, and change your practice. Dr. Etchison will help you develop the vision, inspire your team, and implement all the steps necessary to get you doing less clinical dentistry and making more money.  Not to mention eliminate most of the stresses that come from ownership. 

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Dr. Henry Ernst

Customized monthly one on one coaching with DPH Coach, Dr. Henry Ernst.  Dr. Ernst is the Owner of a large 18 operatory group practice in North Carolina.  If you are looking to have a "true business" that makes money even when you aren't there, then Henry is your guy! Take the first step to earning the freedom you deserve as a practice owner!  After growing his office to north of $6M, Dr. Henry liquidated equity and became financially free before his 43rd birthday. If this sounds like something you want for yourself, then let Henry show you the steps. 

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Dr. Stephen Markowitz

With over 7 successful practice acquisitions and transitions, generating more than $25 million in revenue yearly, and mentoring numerous doctors throughout his career, Steve is passionate about sharing his wealth of experience to assist aspiring doctors.

Steve has developed a coaching process known as the "Question Process." This method revolves around three pivotal components:

Discovering Your WHY: 
Defining Your WHAT: 
Planning Your HOW: 

You won't meet a more real and passionate coach that will show you exactly how to achieve all of your dreams!

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Break Through Your Plateau
Feeling stuck? You’re not alone. Many dentists like you have a solid foundation but struggle to break through to the next level. Whether you're hovering around $1M in revenue or facing the challenge of expanding your practice, we can help.

Achieve Your Vision
You have the skills and knowledge, but do you have a clear path to a multimillion-dollar practice? we offer tailored coaching that provides a step-by-step blueprint, showing you how to put the pieces together to achieve your dreams.

Real Experience, Real Results
We’ve been where you are and built the practice you aspire to have. With my guidance, you'll gain insights and strategies from someone who has successfully navigated the journey to multimillion-dollar success.

Transform Your Practice
It's time to get out of the tunnel vision. Discover how to streamline your operations, optimize your scheduling, and scale your practice. Join the ranks of successful dentists who have turned their practices into thriving, multimillion-dollar enterprises.

Let’s Start Building Together
Ready to break through the barriers holding you back? Contact us today to start your journey toward a more successful, efficient, and profitable practice.


Other ways to engage with us...

Join the DPH Hero Collective and get your questions answered live from our coaches while engaging in the online workshops and community. 

The DPH Hero Collective
*Pre-launch price of $99/month

This is a community of practice owners all with the shared focus of experiencing the absolute best that practice ownership has to offer.  Through being intentional about how we run and structure our systems, we are able to enjoy more profit in less time, empower our teams and delegate responsibility allowing us to live our very best lives doing whatever we love. 


-DPH Hero Collective Community

  • Engage with other Heroes building their empires!
  • Get help with any issues or problems.¬†
  • Community App
  • Weekly Content and Challenges
  • Free Webinars
  • Live Q and A's with DPH Coaches

-LIVE Interactive Sessions

  • Monthly Webinars from the DPH Team
  • Group Coaching Calls with DPH Coaches
  • Live Guest Presentations
  • Access to Breakout Masterminds (additional cost)
  • Recordings of Past Sessions

-Access to all MASTERCLASSES

  • FD Boot Camp¬†($1995 Value)
  • RDH Boot Camp¬†($1995 Value)
  • Phone Training¬†($995 Value)
  • Leadership¬†($995 Value)
  • Culture¬†($995 Value)
  • How to Manage¬†($995 Value)
  • Case Acceptance¬†($995 Value)
  • Tx Coordinator¬†($995 Value)
  • Verbal Skills¬†($995 Value)
  • Pt. Experience¬†($995 Value)
  • Cancellation¬†Reduction¬†($995 Value)
  • Block Scheduling¬†($995 Value)
  • Onboarding Series¬†($995 Value)


  • Documents to edit and use with your team at your practice to document and solidify your systems.¬†


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All of our programs encompass the following values:

Clarity: Seeking clarity in roles, expectations, and communication to minimize misunderstandings and promote smooth operations. 

Empowerment: Empowering team members to take ownership of their roles, contribute ideas and solutions, and make decisions that benefit the practice. 

Adaptability: Being adaptable and open to change.  Dedication to constant improvement.

Patient-Centeredness:  Prioritizing patient satisfaction, comf0rt, and well-being in all aspects of practice operations and interactions. 

Efficiency:  Stiving for streamlined processes and workflows to maximize productivity and minimize waste of time and resources. 

Reliability: Fostering reliability and consistency in fulfilling responsibilities, meeting deadliness, and delivery quality service to patients. 

Growth Mindset:  Cultivating a growth mindset among team members and practice ownership, embracing challenges as opportunities for learning and improvement. 

Balance: Striving for a balance between work and personal life, promoting well-being, fulfillment, and sustainability for practice owners and team members. 

You‚Äôre not alone, most owners never get ‚Äúabove the noise‚ÄĚ of running their practices.

That’s where DPH's Signature Programs come in.

What are you waiting for?  The Practice you Deserve is ready for you!

It's time for a new you! Who wouldn't want more time away from work and less stress?  We will teach you and your team EXACTLY how to make it happen!